Classical Follies for String Orchestra (16:00 3 mov'ts)

Instrumentation: Chamber Violins 1/2, Violas, Celli, Double Bass

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"Classical Follies for String Orchestra" pays homage to the traditions of Western Classical orchestral music in form and harmonic language. The first movement, Irreverent Majesty, conjures images of an eighteenth century orchestral performance in a Royal Court, reflecting the simplicity, clarity, and "Mannheim rocket" themes of classical symphonic form. The second movement, Dynastic Impressions, imagines an encounter between the impressionist composers of turn of the century France and the mighty Russian Five. The third movement, Belligerent Elegance, pays tribute to the "belligerent", intense rhythms of Bartok and the smooth, cool elegance of Gershwin.

Movement I - Irreverent Majesty (7:00)
Movement II - Dynastic Impressions (4:45)
Movement III - Belligerent Elegance (4:15)
Instrumentation Details: (3242/222/H/T P(2)/strings)
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